1. The Company is in the business of developing and distributing lawful product promotion kiosks that sells coupons

allowing for various consumer goods to be sold at a discount when purchased in conjunction with coupons obtained

from the Kiosks. In order to generate interest in the business and draw in new customers, the Company distributes,

sells or otherwise possesses or allows for use of the Kiosks in Illinois.

2. The Kiosks are stand-alone devices featuring several buttons, a touch screen and a bill acceptor.

3. The Kiosks display ads on their cabinets and on their screens for a company that is in the business of

selling consumer retail products known as Ficus.plus . The Retail Business

markets and sells common household items and products.

accessories, small household appliances and other non-perishable items.

 After a Kiosk participant inserts a dollar bill into the machine’s bill acceptor, the Kiosk immediately prints a coupon worth twicethe amount purchased (i.e., if a participant inserts a $1 bill, he is presented with a coupon worth $2).

After the Kiosk show the discount coupon, the “sale” part of the transaction is complete. The

purchased coupons can later be applied towards purchases either at stand-alone brick and mortar

locations or at the Retail Business’ dedicated and affiliated website. Coupons are not required to

make purchases from the Retail Business.

4. After a user completes the coupon purchase, the Kiosk then awards the customer with free entries into a

sweepstakes type promotion utilizing a no purchase required entry method. The

customer is not required to participate in the sweepstakes. And no purchase is required in order to participate

in the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes type promotion is used to promote an interest in buying products from

the Ficus.plus.

5. The sweepstakes is conducted on the Kiosk itself. The screen describes the sweepstakes and its rules on the video

screen. A customer may instantly reveal the results of his entries by selecting the “Reveal Instant Winners” button

on the terminal. Instead of an instant reveal, the customer may also reveal the results of his entries more slowly

via an entertaining display of the customer’s choosing on the screen. The display choices include, but are not limited

to, presentations which mimic the look of diffent interesting animations.

6. There is also a free method of entry described on the Kiosk screen. A participant may obtain free entries by

following the directions on the Kiosk. After completing the digital formon the kiosk itself, the consumer is

awarded free entries instantly. The Kiosk makes no distinction between entries granted after a purchase and

those granted via the free method of entry.

7. Sweepstakes winners receive a ticket which may be exchanged for a cash prize.

8. Kiosks may be placed at any location and are not required to be licensed or registered with the State. 

July 26, 2017